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Funny Sensor Thing

  2002 Clio 172
I've just noticed there was something dangling down from my car, on the passenger side near the rear wheel. On closer inspection its some sort of sensor thing which is attached the underside of the car with an arm that connects to the rear subframe. Presumeably when the subframe moves with the suspension (I think i'm using the right erminology here) the sensor also moves and soes.... something.... However it's no longer connected and the arm is just dangling down. I've started the car and waggled it around but no light on the dash come on or anything. Any ideas anyone?
  RenaultSport clio 182 mk2
it might be your ABS sensor, and if it is then I would ger it sorted pronto, for obvious reasons!!
  Clown Car
I think that is the leveling sensor arm for the automatic headlight leveling system, it automatically dips your headlights when you have weight in the back of the car.
  1998 BMW e46 323i
I was under my car last weekend, it's like a servo attached to the floorpan and crossmember. Had me thinking too.

Mark's explanation sounds likely