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G-force meter

Hi folks,just a quick question,has anyone heard owt about this new gaget that apparently gives the G-force reading on accelerating? thanks in advance

  R35 GTR

Hi, got mine a few days ago. seems ok, havent tested 0-60 function yet, but measured 131HP on meter on my 172. I have been told they are better for just 0-60 timing.
  Clio Cup

Its not made very well. Mine broke on the first attempt at timing. I think its one of those things you use once and then store away never using it again.
  The Beast MK4

Quote: Originally posted by Dave3141 on 09 September 2005

lol. yes. must say that the case can pull apart when removing from the velcro.

Yup, its a delicate wee thing. I couldnt believe how small it was!