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Gas Conversions

  TT 225

Worth it for my Clio? At the moment im struggling with finances and putting petrol into the Williams - the fcuker is drinking £30+ a week.

I was thinking of a second car, but with that and insurance its gonna cost more than having a Gas Conversion. Anyone have any info about them?

Good idea or not?

Thanks :)

My mate in work had one done to his Y reg BMW 318Ci and he swears by it. 30-odd pence a litre and he says you can tell no difference in performance, all the downside is is that you lose your boot according to him as the canister has to go in there.

I am sure if you do a search on you will be able to find out loads of useful info from companies that specialise in this.
  TT 225

I have a friend in the business who can do it for £450 - £550 with a mappable ECU. And i thought the tank could go where the spare wheel is?

I can just carry a can of Tyre Weld round with me, cos i figure if i get anything worse than a small puncture the nice RAC man can come get me :D

Goin for a nosey on Google now :)
  Skoda Fabia vRS

thats a nice price Kel, ive just been lookin at seems most cost £1500

i dont use my spare wheel so tank could defo go there

try pressing the accelerator GENTLY lol...

you would get the same effect... (and cheaper too probably !)

that must be the HEIGHT of SACRILEGE Kelly..:eek: poor mr. Williams... ol Frank would fall from his wheelchair !.
  TT 225

Its a very nice price isnt it :D

Just looked it up on the net. It seems a common power loss is no more than 10%, but since you can switch from gas to petrol with a quick flick of a switch i dont really care. If I need that extra 10% i can have it back, and its a very smooth transition :D



turbo+2.1+tbs it first then lpg
(got this vision of frank converting all the f1 cars to lpg)

  TT 225

LOL @ Joe. Not think its a good idea? Need opinions from the clever people amongst us ... im just so skint atm, the only thing i could think of!

PS. I cant drive the willy without pressing the accelerator a bit more than gentle... lol
  Clio v6

Quote: Originally posted by Kelly on 17 October 2002

the fcuker is drinking £30+ a week.
Hmmmmm. Now theres a good idea. Mine drinks £30 a day!

Do these gas canisters come in camping stove size?


lol Kelly.. Dont be so hard on the Willy (ooops that sounded wrong lol) !!

I would look at it this way...

take the cost per week now of petrol.

Work out (from MPG of LPG figures) the amount of lpg you would use in a week... (cost wise) allowing for the times you WILL use petrol when playing...

Add it all up.

now factor in the cost of the conversion and you wil get a time to break even which may be a considerably long time.... after that time you have a gain, but obviously not before..

Then factor in how long you intend to keep it. The figures should be fairly self explanatory.

Then factor in .. mods to car (holes drilled - for tank, pipes, controller etc) on resale value, and, the distance that you need to travel to an lpg station and add in those figures.

as for drawbacks..

Empty LPG tanks must be bigger than their maximum capacity (they may only be filled to 80% ). As an LPG tank is a pressure vessel it must be made of much thicker material. These two factors combine to make them weigh a considerable amount.
Burning Propane produces less power (reaction) than Petrol. A vehicle will do less distance per litre or gallon of liquid when using LPG instead of Petrol.
the extra weight of the tank and fittings will limit performance.

Personally I would find it hard to convince myself of an advantage on a sporty type car.. on, say, a v8 range rover, then ok.
but, look at the overall picture, work out the costs (Be BRUTAL though.. dont under-estimate !).. and then decide.
  TT 225

On cars less than 5 years old you can get a grant from the government for up to £900.... which would have been feckin brilliant if my willy wasnt 7 :(
  Skoda Fabia vRS

i think for £500 it would still be worth it, but on an older car i dont think its worth bothering for £1500 !