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Gaz Gold fitment issues 172

  172 sport
Hi guys i need some advice,ive recently purchased a full set of Gaz Gold coilovers brand new from Gaz for my ph2 172,the backs have gone on no problem but the fronts don’t seem to fit.There is a good 3mm gap between the hub and the strut fixings so when you tighten the bolts it’s pulling the strut plates in at an odd angle.I contacted Gaz who acknowledged they seem to be wrong so i sent them back,i have received the replacement set today to find they are the same, have i got the wrong hubs or something despite trying several different 172s? i have attached a photo


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  182 FFAT
Measure the thickness of your hubs where they join the plates and see from there. Maybe someone has some 172 hubs to measure and compare


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  Badass Toyota
There seems to be a relatively large variation in the original castings as even my 182 Trophy hubs were different size thicknesses.