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Gearbox Issues Returned

  1.6 Ford Focus
I posted about this a while back and found that if I just change down into first a lot later than I normally would then there's no problem.

The problem has now returned though... Every now and then it refuses to go in first or reverse, sometimes its fine and goes in smoothly but other times its really hard to get in gear and I have to force it in which feels like a sort of crunching feeling... Reverse is worse and just flat out refuses to go into reverse, it goes half way into reverse as if its fully in gear yet it doesn't go in gear, it just stays in neutral.

I was driving home from college earlier and had to slow down for traffic, so I slowed down to 5mph and went to change into first but nope... it refuses to go in... Luckily it was on a slight downhill slope anyway so I just stayed in neutral and pulled off in second when I had to.

I read about someones gear stick vibrating on here before, im not sure if its the same problem but mine has always done it... When idle it vibrates and if I keep my hand on it after lifting the clutch when changing gear I can feel the gear stick sort of nudge a little... it appears to be ok when I am driving though.

Anyone got any ideas? I just hope I don't need a new gearbox.