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Get the feeling the Japanese like the DS...

Top 10 selling games last week, this is an ALL-FORMAT chart...


Hardware sales for a single August week, 13-20th:

Nintendo DS Lite - 196,719
PSP - 41,289
PS2 - 26,547
Game Boy Advance SP - 3,051
Game Boy Micro - 2,031
X360 - 1,204
GameCube - 940
Nintendo DS - 934
Game Boy Advance - 23
Xbox - 6
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justinRT said:
these DS things good? i have a PSP, but not seen much of the DS

Awesome mate. So many people end up buying one even if they never thought they would, young / old / male / female. It's gaming how it should be - fun.

And the battery lasts forever, and there are no loading times.