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getting wires to headunit

can anyone help, im trying to wire up a sub in my 182 but how do i get the phono leads and the blue remote wire into the back of my alpine head unit.when i pull the head unit out it seams encased and i cant see how to feed the wires into the back of the dash into the head unit, HELP?
  Skoda Fabia vRS

to get an Alpine out mate, unclip the frame, and at either side in the middle there are 2 like, pins, and usually at the bottom of those is something that will slide up when poked with a pen, you might need someone to help you, basically you need to get at it from behind if possible, and as you move the pin to the middle so its not locked in, push the radio out from behind or try and grab something thats not gonna break and pull it

thanks for that but thats not what i need to know, i can get the head unit out i cant get the wires from the wiring kit i.e the phono leads and blue remote wire etc into the back of the head unit once i have hooked them upto the battery and fed them into the car.

Can anyone help with this ?

Dont worry, I understand what youre asking Chris! ;)

Its a pain in the arse. I had the dashtop off anyway to fit tweeters into the dash and that helped a lot, but it can be done without removing the dash.

Put a light source in the drivers footwell - when you look inside the cavity where the headunit goes you should be able to see the light coming up inside the dashboard. I managed to feed my RCAs and remote down a small gap below the instrument panel, so that they poked out at the sterring column adjustment lever, then fed them down and under the carpet to the drivers sill.

Hope this helps and you can understand me ;).

P.S. This was on my 172, i expect the 182 will be the same behind the dash.

ive got a power cable running frmo my battery through the passenger footwell and tucked down under the side trim, runs upto the backseat, underneath that and into the boot to the amp.

connect the remote power lead and phono inputs to the headunit first, then feed the wires down thru the hole in the dash (where the headunit goes)and take out the little storage box thing with the cig lighter in, also lift up the gear lever gaiter so you can basically see all down the middle of the dash

should be able to feed the wires through so they emerge just under the gear lever and run down the middle of the car, passed the handbrake and then cut a slit in your carpet and run the wires under the carpet, under the backseat and out into the boot to connect to the amp!

thats how ive done mine and it looks very tidy

its just a pain feeding the wires behind the dash, need tiny hands! lol

it sounds like you are trying to do it the other way round and making life difficult for yourself!
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Andy - How did you get it through from the slit in the carpet underneath the backseats? Did you push it through with something?

if you lift up the back seats, the carpet stops halfway under them, you can lift this up and just about grab the wire to pull it all the way through; then replace the carpet and put the seat bottoms back in

thats the phono cable running from the headunit down inside the dash

phono wire emerging under the gear lever trim bit

phono wire sneaking under the carpet thru a tiny slit ;)

phono wire emerging fromunder the carpet and carrying on into the boot to be plugged into the amp, the remote wire is done exactly the same way

pretty tidy eh? :D

Bent coat hanger and a bit of string is always useful for pulling cables, can hide them completely then!


  Audi TT Stronic

I ran my cables under the glovebox down to the plastic trim then under the plasic cover over the sill, up under the rear seats then into the boot.. they were completly hidden.

Quote: Originally posted by KDF on 20 May 2005

I ran my cables under the glovebox down to the plastic trim then under the plasic cover over the sill, up under the rear seats then into the boot.. they were completly hidden.
Ideally tho you want to keep power, rca and speaker cables seperate but Im sure Im not telling you something you dont know.

thats the same power cable I have, same colour, and coming out the same place lol :D

i kept mine seperate,, and also the phono cable i have is a 3metre one and i needed to take the shortest route to the boot so i had some slack to move the amp round in the boot, always good sein how others have done theirs :)

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