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Gmail problems?

I've not had any sent through to outlook for a few days now.

Will need to check the main googlemail site later.
  Clio 182
Guy said:
what through??

i sent a couple last week to hotmail and they didnt arrive.

I chat to people on all different email addy's but it's only coz my best mate was expecting me to email that I've found out that they are not arriving, both to her work addy and her gmail addy too... I really thought gmail was supposed to be reliable, hence why I changed over to it :dapprove:

I'm now wondering if other emails I'd sent have not got through?
  172, Tiguan
Yep, a bit slow. If you click on spam or another section, then it tends to reload and all your emails then appear in the inbox. Is weird sometimes.
  UR 197, AB 182 FF
I've noticed actually with Gmail that the webpage can sometimes become out of synch with the server, like Si said, if you click on another section, or label, it often updates.

Another thing about gmail, is that I've noticed sometimes emails can genuinely take a little while to be processed, and gmail is often harsh with its antivirus filtering.