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go-karing in newport anyone?

  White ds3
les than 8 and we can only book a arive and drive so same price. and more than 8 will be same price but will be able to do a grand prix type thing

if you wana do a arive and drive ill book the place mon? let me know guys
  White ds3
yea just do a artive and drive meet thing or sumin as im skint just booked centre parks for a bday prezie for the misses lol
  172 Flamer
The last meet was good, we should organise something like that again. Was really cold last time so will be nice with some warmer weather on the horizon.
  White ds3
last time looked good. defo do sumthing like that again what about the evo triangle i duno what it is but i know its supost to be a good run lol
  172 Flamer
Evo triangle is in North Wales by Bettws Y Coed, bit of a distance for a meet, that would be an early morning, returning in the evening job.
  Civic Em1, Civic Eg4
Well the last run was up brecon so anyone fancy a drive up black mountain then. Meet at a junction services somewere, make the trip up, have a few piccys in one of the car parks. Then we can all watch dajones do some silly stuff round this bend ;)


Hai dan x