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Going to buy some polish, recommendations

Going to buy some polish today, I have been reading some of the past posts of polishes, people recommend different brands like Zymol, AutoGlym, etc. but what do you recommend me getting ? My car is brand new so I want something to make it really gleam when I first polish or wax it.

Any recommendations would be great.
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Since your car is new you only want to use a wax. Dont use anything abrasive as this will remove lacquer(Super Resin Polish)!

I use Turtle Was Extreme Polishing Wax its in a Line green bottle and is superb. You could if you wanted finish it off with a top coat like Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection that but an amzing shine on the car!!!
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*Corrected to be proper*

Since your car is new you only want to use a wax. Dont use anything abrasive as this will remove lacquer(Super Resin Polish)!

I use Turtle Wax Extreme Polishing Wax its in a Lime green bottle and is superb. You could if you wanted finish it off with a top coat like Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection that but an amazing shine on the car!!!

Cheers GP, I have used TurtleWax in the past and it has been good, I will take a look and see if I can find the Extreme Polishing Wax. I would prefer to get recommendations from the boards cos if I go to Halfords and ask them they will just pick the most expensive one !

I have been looking at the Autoglym EGP stuff too, may get some of that and give my car a good clean 2nite.

Can someone please go and check that GR is OK, i hope nothing has happened to her.

Her area of expertise on its own thread and not a single reply so far....

She also has expertise in wheel taste and colour choice

I was thinking the same thing, I think she would recommend sand paper and some nice lighter fluid to bring out the shine on my bodywork after the HEIDI and HECTOR conversation !

They dont pick the most expensive one...
not if you go to a good store.

The WAX you should choose depends on how mantal you want to go with the cleaning.

What ever you buy though get a new paint brush, a really big fat one, cos when you buff off the residue white dust gets stuck everywhere on ur car and is really annoying.

I go for all autoglym normally cos im lazy and for easy of use it is one of the best products available. Faster i reckon than sprays and much more effective. Not to sure about the abrasive thing though...

If ive got loads of time on my hands i go for the halfords own Wet Wax Gel. Its a big of a bugger to use and 1 tube will only really do ur car 3 times, but it is AMAZING stuff. Not shiney in the normal sence of the word but the depth of colour it gives to your car is amazing. I used to use it on my brroklands green RT, it was wicked the reations i got.

Anyway, if uve got the elbow greese to spare give it a go on one pannle and see what you think. The stuff is well cheap in comparison to AutoG and Turtle
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

Thats not the exact one! Think that must be the American variant. Its in sort of a Flourescent green bottle you will see it straight away when you go to Halfords!

I would also get some Autoglym perfect polishing cloths as theyre superb too!

Thanks for all the advice lads. I will give them a go and see what sort of finish I get. I enjoy cleaning the car so a bit of elbow grease is no problem.

Mav, I suppose I was being pessimistic about them telling you the most expensive one. I just want to make sure I dont get a polish that will take laquer off like you said.

GP, I am sure I will find it, I think that is the US equivalent.

not ideal for diapac, but for 16v owners etc, i use Mur, in the blue bottle, its a similar product to T-cut bit isnt nearly as harsh and abrasive and can beused as often as you want, wet or dry, its good stuff,

im off to get some autoglym polishwax i think i got some of the air freshener and its lovelly, by the way get it from GSF/Swedautch if you can as its alot cheaper,



i forgot to mention! in halfords there is a new/very old (cant remember which) type of AutoG which is sold in a massive metal container. it was good stuff i was told. the dawoo garage used to use it.

Oh and whilst ur in there take the lid off a Mer shampoo and have a smell. Its like those strawberry jaw breakers u used to get as a kid for 10p Oh the memories

PS i do not condone solvent abuse unless it smells nice

PPS the application pad on the turtle wax Extreme stuff smells like baileys, and the purple under the seat airfreshner like fizzy cherry cola bottles!!!!


Mav, you are a krazy mamma jamma !

I will have a sniff around the polish aisles in Halfords 2nite, then I will FLY around the rest of the store ! I will take a look what is on offer and buy whichever smells the nicest, ha ha !

I will take a look for the family size tub of AG.

PS Jaw breakers ! Now there is something I have not heard in about 13 years !

Dont be MAD!!!!!!!!!

Ive been cleaning my own cars for years now and have finally found the best there is for any kind of wax!

Its called Swizol and theres no other substitute for it! Its not as cheap as Auto Glym but beleive me the effects are amazing.

I have my cars done every month by Swizol and they are all show stoppers, for £70-100 tops they will come out to you and do your car and make it showlike as i have had mine done several times including my wifes car. If you want find out more and call 07989 594555.

Amazing stuff! getting the clio done this weekend again by them.


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Mav and Daipac, have no fear, I am here! I have been out to wash and leather off my lovely black car. I have always been obsessive about clean cars and I blame my dad for it! Not a bad thing though as any of my cars have never looked less than well shiny.


  Shiny red R32

I have a cupboard full of polishes, shampoo, tyre spray, back to black etc and last weekend I chose from my extensive stock, MaxWax, followed by Autoglym gloss protection. A wash and chamois this morning and it is still very shiny and in a short while I shall going for petrol when I know that the garage guy will say to me "Your car still looks brand new"! He says it every time!

I use Autoglym Super Resin Polish about once monthly. I would like to wax my car more often, but what I gather from this thread using the Super Resin Polish would be bad?

You think I should go get some of that Turtle Wax stuff for the weekly wax then?

  Skoda Fabia vRS

if your car isnt brand new use Turtle Wax colour magic, auto glym is crap and way over rated

it leaves white powder everywhere and doesnt give that good a shine in comparison to pretty much every other polish ive used

Mer is pretty good as the car can be damp when applying, and that comes off easier than the AG too

nothin comes off easier than Turtle Wax Colour Magic though, it glides off and leaves a good shine

definitely buy some AG Perfect Polishing Cloths......and there synthetic chamois, you really do need em to get a good finish

For cars which are not brand new then I agree that Colour Magic is very good, going to give the Extreme Wax a go tonight and see how it goes. Going to buy some AG clothes and charmois leather too.
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Swissol is the way to go...great products and they last for ages. I have just bought some cleanser and Saphir wax plus a few other bits for about £100 as well as having my car done a couple of months ago, and this wax will last me about 10 years!

Ive yet to use anything which is better than AutoGlym Super Resin Polish though - Seems pretty good to me.

I ended up getting AutoGlym Super Resin Polish, is this ok to use on brand new paintwork ? I was going to get the Turtle Wax but the guy at Halfords recommended the AutoGlym.

I bought some AutoGlym Super Resin Polish, which i used 2 or three times on my brand new black 172, and I was pretty happy with the results.

That was, until I read on these forums that is was abrasive and shouldnt be used on new cars as it could damage the lacquer. I stopped using it straight away. i dont want to be thinking that Im helping protect my car, when actually Im slowly stripping away its protective coat.

I think GoerdiePaul mentioned this somewhere near the beginning of this topic.

Im going to get some of that Extreme Polish from Halfords. Im sure that i saw an advert in the Sun yesterday or today for a "3 for 2" deal on turtle wax products.

See ya,



Oh Jesus ! I was just about to apply the AutoGlym and now I read this, I dunno what to do now. Halfords are doing a 3 for 2 deal on TurtleWax stuff at the moment.

Shall I hold off polishing it with the AG stuff now and buy the TW tomorrow and then polish it ? I do not know what to do now.

I did ask the guy at Halfords if it took off the laquer and he said no, who to believe ?
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Well I always swore by Autoglym until I saw the finish on my wifes Beetle using Armor All paste Wax. It is incredible stuff.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

well i have a black car mate, as you do, and the Auto Glym isnt all its cracked up to be, its the worst of all that i have used

the thing with polish is that everyone has there own preference, a lot of people do use AG, its just ive found the TW is easier to apply and remove, and gives a better shine, for me