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good backdrop (request)

  laguna coupe
any body got any pics of good backdrop ideas for a modeling shoot with my car here is my car im doing it with a model so needs to be do able thanks

  Flame Red Delight
there is a new york backdrop that is amazing on google i will try and find it and send you the link mate you want me to have a crack at making one on photoshop?
  Flame Red Delight
give me half an hour up to an hour to see what i can do mate if i do come up with one would you be willing to tell me the secret how to spray the diamond so that it looks professional
  Flame Red Delight
does he not sell them though so he wouldnt be willing to tell me because he would be thinking that i would be trying to steal business and i am working on a backdrop the now any particular preferences on what is in the background?
  RB 200 Cup!
you're selling this arent you mate? sure i saw it on PH

mind you quite like that phtoshop abaove
  Flame Red Delight
is there a rush for it mate ? i could take it through to my photoshop expert friend and he would do you an amazing background but it wouldn't be done untill later on tonight?
  "Navy" N17 TWO
Something like an alley-way or quiet sidestreet in a built up area would be ideal -see some of the pics of Christopher's car to see my meaning :)
  Flame Red Delight
yea i was planning a new york backdrop but my pal has now taken over so it will be done by tonight