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Good bye and thanks.......

for the memories. I have just put down the deposit on my new car....... a nice white Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V.

I will shortly have my 16v up for sale see for sale section soon!!! It will be in the auto trader next week. I have had a brilliant time in the club meeting you all at various events, and of course the clio will remain my first true love

I would like to give a huge shout out to the true hardcore 1/4 milers, Nick Read, Wongy and Leigh. See you at the pod soon, I think Mr Read will be up for a run!!!

For a pic of my new car go to:

its in the used cars section, its the only V there on an R plate.

Nice International Group A Evo VI in the Used Competion Vehicle section anybody got £246K to spare


cheers mate.
that is wicked mate. evo 5 is mental. its kinda my dream car
evo5 or a late spec esocrt cossie.mmmmm nice

be sure you come on here from time to time to keep us up to date with your motor. also make sure your at the next pod meet. i never been in a evo so you MUST take me for a ride mate.

nice meeting you and im sure i will see you sometime in the clio meet or when i join the EVO owners club like you in my yellow evo 5

oh yeah how much you paid for the car and how much to ins. i guess you paid roughly 15k for the car

all the best in your new toy


Cheers guys for the comments, the clio will always ahve a special place in my heart as will this club and its members

Wongy, If i see ya your welcome of a ride mate, just bring some spare pants!

Now off to see mr 172 slayer.....

clio_novice mail me at for details of the clio. Wongy mail me too and ill tell you all about the evo!

Can one of you computer wizards lift the pic from extremes site and put it on this thread???????????
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Adam - you were one of the true hardcore Clio quarter milers mate - and now youve got an Evo I want a passenger ride. Then well go head to head up the dragstrip Ad. I reckon with a few top secret tweaks Ive got planned Ill be beating Scoobies sometime this summer. So its time to set my sights higher. What kind of times are you reckoning for it? 13s?

yes its gorgeous.still cant see why scoobies are prefered.guess its good coz it means it will be more exclusive when i get one just like my 16v.

evo should run low to mid 13s
nick your gonna be needing mental power to keep up



its like that.its perfectly honed for cornering ability and every car should have AYC.

could look tougher lowered but rally cars arnt low anyway


Your on Nick
Got it witha set of new bridgestone so2s and new pads and discs all round, new cd player and kenwood front and back speakers, fsh plus a full service at extreme before i get it. Got some clear indicators thrown in to and a nice mitsubishi coat Plus money off the window price
Has an induction kit the size of a football and sounds like nothing ive ever heard before! Had to take it off though as the insurance wanted £200 for it Goes like sh*t off a shovel though Ive driven scoobies and gti-rs but this is something else!

GR wheels are well tasty, its a shame they look so small on the evo (their 17s) the tyres are 45 profile.

Whens the next pod meet or a cliosport event???
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Next Cliosport meet is Southend on the 3rd August. But were definitely gonna try and sort out a rolling road or 1/4 miling day sometime over the summer mate.

BTW Glad you got the Evo instead of the GTi-R that was on the cards.


ayc=active yaw control
keeps car nuetral and balanced so it can corner 20mph faster than anything else.basically make sure the car does not oversteer or understeer under extreme cornering



mate did you get my mail
if not can you mail me on to tell me the juicy detail of you evo and some info on you 15v got a friend after one