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Good Bye

Just a message to say I have thouroughly enjoyed this forum and my clio. The members are a great laugh and have helped me out a few times.

See you out and about GeordiePaul. Remember I will be running my car in for a while so be sure to flash/toot if you see me. (I will do the same K* ***)

Thanks again.


  Shiny red R32

Could it be so that he can come on here and say "My CTR thrashed a 172"!!??


I am changing because when the fiance talks about baby seats its time for a little bit more room. I loved the Exclusive but Renault (Dealers) let me down badly and as I say I need a bit more room.

I cant wait, I am running around in a Civic CTDi and thats fun, god knows how much fun the TypeR is going to be.

GR, would never do that regardless, I have a very healthy respect for the 172 (after having one for just over a year).



  Shiny red R32

Good Luck Keith if you have to use a baby seat! You will have loads of room in the Honda as my neighbour has a CTR and it is cavernous inside! Still prefer the cosiness of the 172 but I can appreciate that you might want more space.