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good cheap head unit

  A well built VW

Save up a little bit more and get a much better unit I got a NEW pIONEER MP77 FOR £160 AND IT IS WORTH PAYING THAT BIT EXTRA

Mp3 at if you want a unit un der £100 delivered

the units not for me tho, its my mum she wants one but does ot want to pay more than £100 so im kinda stuck at that price :)
  Skoda Fabia vRS

you can pick up about 6 different head units for under £100 at Motor World mate (i work for em lol)

it might not be as cheap as online but it can be a lot less hassle than mail order if anythin goes wrong, and no delivery charges to pay, which on a <£100 headunit is gonna be a decent proportion of what your payin out