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Goodbye (Sort of..... but not really)

Morning All !

As some of you know and some of you dont, I have been trying to sell my car. Well yesterday, Anna from Bristol bought it and she is now the new (hopefully happy) owner of a Pearl Black MKII 172 ! It was a very very very weird feeling seeing the car being driven away by someone else, I almost called the cops in the confusion ! I got a good price for it and she seemed like the sort of person who would look after the car so everything seems to have worked out well, I do miss the car tho.

Anyway, the reason for this note is to sort of say goodbye but also NOT to say goodbye if you know what I mean (of course you dont, I get that alot !). I have been on these boards since March last year and I have been a member since we went to York last year. I was on here before I bought the car and there were loads of people on here who gave me loads of good advice and where to get the best deal so for that I thank you all, you know who you are.

I would like to mention a few people (in no particular order) and I really hope that I do not miss anyone out, if I do then please do not dedicate your life to hunting me down, please, it was an honest mistake.

ChavyBoy - cheers mate for ALL the help you have given me with the stupid little queries that I have posted ESPECIALLY the oil change and meeting me before York, you are a diamond geezer ! I still say the PS2 is better than the Xbox !
telford_mike (and Val) - One of the first people I actually spoke to properly on the boards and then found out that you work for EDS too ! Had a great laugh the night before the Brands Hatch meet and also at York ! Met Val at the Brands Hatch meet too, great people and always willing to help.
Matt-Leics - Top bloke ! Again met you at York ! The again at the Brands Hatch meet and had a great laugh !
Fred2001Dynamic - Met you at the Brands Hatch meet, you are one of the maddest people I have met ! Let me play Gran Turismo 3 in his car at Brands so REEEEESPECT !
greeper - my fellow Pearl Black 172 owner ! Always been friendly on the boards, nice choice of car mate !
Roamer - your car is nuts man ! Really genuine guy, met you at York and BH again, cheers for organising the BH accommodation !
JillyB - Jilly, Jilly, Jilly ! The root of all the rumours at BH so THANKS FOR THAT ! ha ha ! Also, for proving me wrong after showing me that someone could actually get into Santas gronto in the restaurant at BH ! ha ha !
Paul Freemantle - met you at BH ! Great laugh and the creator of the "RANDOM WELSH BLOKE" saying !
GirlRacer - for making me laugh about the cleanliness of your car ! Everything I have said has always been in gest, now rack up those miles !
Mav - thanks for letting me know about where I eventually got the car from !
Nick Read - met you at York and again and Brands, I was the one that Vicky BH told to turn off the camera ! What a minx she is !
matbrown - my fellow stalker of the before mentioned VBH at BH ! PS Got a pic of her Honda S2000 that you were drooling over if you want it ?
TonyKL - only met you right at the end of BH but thanks for all your advice with buying the car !
geoff_clio172 - thanks for the help you gave me with the speakers and how to get rid of that damn vibration !
Gaz2130 - for sending me the pics of your in car TV !
Cheesebox - for being Welsh and the Cliosport member who lives the closest to me !
RobFenn - only spoke to you in the last week really, thanks for the good words about going travelling !
smoothed_clio - again for being Welsh, never got around to meeting you !
Jas - the man behind all this ! SO A HUGE THANKS FOR THAT !
Rhys172 - for beating me in my first ever 1/4 mile run ! It was soooooooooo close !
OutKa5t - met you at York but you were busy ripping your car apart at the time !
BRUN - for your help with the oil selection.
.........and last and DEFINITELY least ! Captain Slarty - never had anything nice to say, still dont know why to this day and to be honest, I dont care !
Well that is it, I am sure I have missed someone out and so I am sorry ! It is goodbye to Clio ownership (at the moment). I pick up my new V reg Ferrari Red Ka this evening ! I know, I know it is a Ford but it is cheap to run and that is all I need right now and I got a good deal.

The two meets that I have been to have been fantastic ! There are some great genuine people on here and this is turning into a fantastic club !

I will still be around the boards now and again but I wanted to say thanks to everyone I have met on here, its been emotional as someone once said !

Take it easy yall !


PS This has to be the biggest post I have ever written, hope you got to the end ok !



Mate i dont think i ever met you, its a shame you got rid of your clio. but im sure your goona be back to clio ownership soon ;)


Nice post mate!!

like tom said i never met u either but hope u own a clio soon again :p maybe a V6 sometime? anyway enjoy ur new motor


Cheers man, BH and york were both fantastic meets, sad to see ya go, but Im sure youll be back, once youve been here you can never fully leave this mad house LoL :p

Have a good time thrashin that Ka, and keep on postin here matey, see ya soon :D
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Dai - theres no escape mate, you know what they say:

"An EDS man is a happy man". LOL!!

Wherever you end up let me know, particularly if its nice and you have vacancies for infrastructure people!



Good luck in your travels mate. hope you have fun and look forward to meeting you again soon.

p.s i still have the bh meal pictures that mike took on my computer - nice one of you showing matt your true feelings.


Cheers cyue005, a V6 would be nice, maybe in time ! I think I will own a 172 again !

tomclio1.2, I couldnt possibly comment as she may come on these boards !

Mike, that comment cannot possibly be true ! I did get offered a TDY in Saudi Arabia for a year last week ! In the current climate I dont think so somehow !

Roamer, I dont think I will ever leave this place ! You crazy crazy crazy people !

Paul, I remember that pic mate ! Superb night that was, really good laugh ! Can you e-mail me that pic ?">
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG


I have enjoyed speaking with you on this forum and hope that you do manage to show your face on here every now and again(metaphoricaly speaking).

I hope your world tour goes well and that , noticed you got rid of the car before its 6000mile oil change, ummmm?? lucky you. I will be going through that hell again very soon.

Have fun and dont be a stranger.



  Shiny red R32


Thanks for the mention, but a KA!!!!!! :cry:

Have you taken leave of your senses??? :cry:

As long as you like it that is all that counts, but I think you will miss your blck 172.



  Shiny red R32

You will probably enjoy it! A friend of mine has one and she always says it drives like "sh*t off a shovel" - her words not mine!!

Im a top bloke! :D

Take care of yourself mate. And as you Welsh like to say, Maen ddiwrnod braf Meddyg, Ble mae Yr Pwll Nofio?

Lechyd da!


g, I will be in here now and again so I will be sure to say Howdy !

GR, not a problem, as I said before, it is cheap, easy to run and maintain and all I need right now, I am not expecting to get much driving pleasure from it, it is just something to get me from A to B. God, I am sounding old now !

Matt, I dont actually speak welsh but Pwll Nofio is swimming pool, ble mae I think means where is ? So you are asking me where the swimming pool is ? As for the first part I am lost ! LOL ! You crazy b**tard !

LOL ! Cheers Mike ! Not one of my better moments ! According to my watch it is 11:25pm so I had had a few by then ! LOL !

My eyes remind me of the ending to Ghostbusters ! YIKES !

  Lionel Richie

Cheers Dai, that pic was just before the motel incident with myself and Matt!!!!!!!;)

Wicked meeting you, hopefully we can meet up again in the future (when you see sense and buy another clio!!!!!)



Sorry to hear your leaving, I’m not sure if you remember but I stayed at the same hotel during the BH event, where you three shared a room and alcohol was involved I’m saying nothing more on the subject but you looked ruff in the morning. Thanks for leaving me standing in the convoy btw, when we hit a large hill. Took me ages to catch up and I nearly got lost (Your explanation was: "we though you had a 16 valver" hmm, likely story).

Didnt really get chance to chat @BH as you were busy sniffing VBHs skirt most of the time and when I did have a conversation with you I struggled to understand what the hell you were banging on about (Accent barrier)

Hope you enjoy whatever car you get next but its gonna have to be some car to be better than a black 172.

RT, I remember you ! Actually, if it was not for me you would really have got lost, I was doing 50 on the motorway for you to catch up so you did not get lost ! Matt-Leics and Fred2001Dynamic were off dabbling each other and I nearly lost them too ! LOL !

In the morning of BH I was well and truly struggling ! That bloody export was not good ! Thank god for Burger King that is all I can say !

VBH was a minx, that is all I am saying on the subject.

Accent barrier ?!?!?!!? I think I must have talked to people all over the UK with Cliosport and that is the first time that the accent barrier has ever come up ! Weird, I actually heard myself the other day on video from Matt-Leics York video and I sound very Welshy so it is understandable, I am proud of it !

My next car is being picked up in 1 hours time and will be a beastly Ferrari Red Ford Ka ! Not a touch on the 172 of course but then it is not meant to be.


the accents always been a problem but we are all too polite to say.

Is it a basic Ka or a top of the range with colour coded bumpers?

some random english bloke

Paul, you should have said, I would have tried to learn your language then !

It is a basic Ka with big grey bumpers ! ha ha ! I just wanted something cheap and nasty that was reliable and fairly new really. Driving it around last night and it actually surprised me, of course it is not in the same class as the Clio but it handles really well and goes ok for a 1.3 I have to admit. It has only done 17,000 miles on a V plate too so when I come to sell it I should not lose much at all. That is the plan anyway ! It will do for the next year and get those £££s into my savings !

Dai, i know you were lagging behind so i didnt get lost i was joking about you pissing off and leaving me. If i hadnt had the fat missis n her brother in the car with all the sh*t that they brought along then i would have been doing well over a tonne on the MW. As it was i struggled to do 70mph. So once again thanks!

P.S why the KA you had some financial probs? , i wish i had known you were selling it. I would have bought it off ya, twas a very nice mota.

RT, I know you were just messing mate, gotta lose the luggage tho ! LOL !

Damn ! I posted it on the FOR SALE section and it was in Auto Trader, it was a very nice mota as you say ! Very weird seeing it go but when it did go it was GLEAMING, still had that new car smell too ! LOL !

No financial problems mate, spoke about the reason a while ago with others on the board. I am going travelling around Australia via a number of other countries next year and so I need to start saving, the reality of it was that I could not save enough and keep the car so it went, that simple really mate. Also, I may even move over to Australia if I like it so I dont really want anymore big assets apart from my house. If I am sitting on various beaches in the sun, enjoying myself this time next year when it is freezing and raining over here then it will all be worthwhile.