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Goodwood FOS 2012

Went to this after a few years not going. All I remember from when I was young is fast noisy cars.

I am now into my photography and so for my 22nd birthday my parents bought me a ticket and I was really looking forward to the experience.

I have NEVER shot any motorsport events at all so this was a first for me. I was using my bog standard Cannon EOS 1100D with the standard 18mm-55mm lens. I have a nifty 50 but thought the versatility of my kit lens and the fact I don't need such great quality was better just to have that.

Was a lot of photographers there, professional and recreational so felt bait overwhelmed by all the bigger better cameras but stuck at it after a few really bad shots I managed to put some together and ended up with some nice moving shots of the cars on track.

Really enjoyed the new challenge and with a decent zoom lens I think I would of been able to get even more good ones. Was governed bait by my dad wanting to see everything but had a really good start point during the morning.

Will look to get some tips off here bait this kind of shooting but literally used full manual mode on my camera for the first time and got a good setting to work with for this shot.

The whole day after so long of not going was really good. Loads and loads of good cars and some really cool stuff to watch and see. Seems to be getting bigger each year.

Im sure some of you went so please share your views on the event and of course any photography you took!

This was my best shot of the day currently (haven't browsed all the photos extensively enough, will upload more as I do):


Red Bull Burnout by Liam J Robinson, on Flickr