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  VW Potato

dont laugh, but at idle, the turbo had quite a deep exhaust rumble...sounded a bit like a v8. Well, my mums did, anyway.


They were actually called alpines but known as gordinis. The first ones looked like regular 5s with better spec and obviously the turbo in the coupe version. Theres not many around as i think they came out mid 70s

Arrr my mate has one recons he would give my clio a race! hmm i doubt it the thing is faded and kinda pink lookin! Think it has a cherry bomb on it! lol

Scudetto hit it on the head when he said they rumble!!!

Nope. As far as i know they turbod it just for the track and then the mk 1 gold came along so they brought out the turbos. Thought dont quote me on any of this..

The sort of legend 5 is the Renault 5 Turbo 1. This had the wide arch kit with 160bhp, homoglation for the rally cars i guess. Then in 85 the Ren 5 GT Turbo came out with around 120bhp

There is a Renault 5 Gordini and a Renault 5 Gordini Turbo.

I dont know where you heard that they only turbod it for the track, thats certainly not true.

I had a Gordini Turbo last year, brought it as a project but never finished it.

They run very low boost and use a suck through carb and turbo setup rather than the more widely used blow through. They dont use an intercooler either.

They use a Cross-flow big valve head and tubular exhaust manifold too, which is much better than the head that the GT Turbo uses. Im currently fitting a Gordini turbo head and manifolds to my GT Turbo block.

Also, they werent all called Alpines. Only a handfull came with the word Alpine cast onto the rocker cover, most of them were the French versions.

I meant initially the turbo was used in track cars (known as a coupe) then brought it out onto the road cars once the mk1 golf arrived. Im pretty sure they were alpines, on the continent at least and were called gordinis over here because there was already the chrysler alpine.

Its interesting to know that the gordini, ten years older than GT Turbos, still has its uses! Unfortunately the later 5s look dated, the gordinis even more so.

they are a bit rought looking!! prehaps some one could take a Turbo 2 and round it off a bit ...smooth off the edges etc... i bet it would look nice!

I know some people like that wide arch look but i think its kitcar-ish

Id be a bit dubious fiddling with a car which is well over 20 years old!

Funky - That pic is the Turbo 2. Rear engine, rear wheel drive. You can pick a decent one up for about £10 - £12K. Come with 160bhp standard, and use pretty much the same engine as the Gordini turbo comes with, but has bigger turbo and mechanical fuel injection.

As far as Im aware the first Gordini turbo came out on a X reg, which was 4 years before the first of the Phase 1 GT Turbos.

Also the engine in the Gordini is mounted length ways, so if you stand at the front of the car the gearbox is the first thing you look down at, then the block. They used torsion bars all round on the suspension as opposed to springs, which made it very cheep and easy to slam them to the ground.

Have a look on for some pics.
  VW Potato

in reno folklore, who was Gordini then? after all, there was a reno 8 gordini in the 60s that won a few rallies. Was Monsieur Gordini a reno engineer?


Gordini were like what AMG is to Merc, and M is to BMW.

If you look at the old 80s Renault engines in the F1 cars, they are all badge up with Gordini. 1500cc V6 turbo pushing out 1400bhp in qualifying trim.!!


They only really brought out the Turbo 1, 2 & Maxi to promote their name in F1 at the time. Gordini was associated with the F1 development, so they used that name on the 5 as more of a marketing ploy.

Much like they did with the Williams Clio. That was brought out when Renault were supplying engine to the Williams F1 team.

The Turbo 1,2 and Maxi were only used in a handfull of rallys. More so because group B cars were banned not long after then entered the 5.

Barry D is totally correct.

I wonder if people will look back at Clios like the 16v, Williams, 172, Cup, V6 and so on - and remember them all. Because there were a lot of sporting 5s over the years apart from the Phase 2 GT Turbo!