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got the new car....

  Mercedes C200,Clio R.I.P.

i love it!

what you all think?
  Mercedes C200,Clio R.I.P.
Pacey_uk said:
Did a drunk park it?

Very tidy motor, probably a steal too!

my bro in law sold it to me so i got an amazing deal on it, im the third owner and the first owner who bought it paid £30,000 for it from new. My bro in law got it for £7,000 2 years ago and now ive got it for a very small sum of £1000...OH YEAH!

I love to drive it very comfortable drive even for being lowered. It has a factory fitted AMG kit on it and has a bucket full of extras.

i love it thanks for the replies!

and the cops dont like me driving it had a lot of horrible looks off of them.....only a matter of time before the police pull me.

  UR 197, AB 182 FF
£1000?? Wow

Bet the servicing is gonna assram you.. and I bet it drinks petrol...

But cool :)


ClioSport Club Member
Pacey_uk said:
Probably be good for another 100k unlike most Reno's.

i dissagree im not that far away from half way thru my 2nd 100k ;)

looks mental mate, what engine has it got, not up on my mercs, grans next door neighbour has one with same wheels etc but green, always liked it.
  Mercedes C200,Clio R.I.P.
its done 129K and its a C200 2L Sport automatic.

only need the front wing replaced and painted estimate the work about £150 at the very most!

i'm thinking about them wheels the now actually, weird.

insurance is £600 and MPG i aint sure yet cos ive only had it a few hours and fogot to ask me bro in law :p

i dont want it to look like a youngsters car its old skool gangsta! lololololololololol



Honorary Member
ClioSport Club Member
  Lazy v8
i want a e190 cossy.... in black on the amg rims lol... looks nice
  Mercedes C200,Clio R.I.P.
Blue4Ever said:
Hahahaha, That's shocking parking!!

its strathclyde park, its the middle of the day and no one is around yes it is shocking but the thing is tottally different size and shape from the clio its hard :(