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Grande Mods!

Stupid question I know, but, where would I get mods for an X reg 1.2 Clio Grande? All the usual places seem to only cater for Valvers, Willys and 172s.

No smart comments please!
  Golf GTi DSG

Nah, only stickers add BHP, surely you know that. BIG kenwood sticker in the back adds 20bhp, ask any nova driver

If Kenwood adds 20 BHP then "On a mission" must add at least 25?

If its in a bright green font, then hold on to your hats, weve got one fast motor on our hands!

Funny you should say that because theres a guy in my street who has a Focus ST170 (not great I know but still a decent car) and he has a "Ford Motorsport Technologica" sun strip!! Along with the number plate in italics he must be pushing 200 BHP!!

Oh, and hes got mac tools seat covers!

There is one company that caters for all cars and does everything from wheels to spoilers to stereos and sunglasses for some reason.

Demon Tweeks are the nuts. Call them on 09069700710 for the 249 page catalogue or if you know what ya want phone 01978664466.