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Group N remap - Worth it?

  Evo 8 Jap Crap
Is the Group N remap for the 172 cup worth it?

Anyone got the remap and whats there thoughts on it?


ClioSport Club Member
I don't have a remap as such, but I fitted a preprogrammed Renaultsport Group N ECU bought from R-Sport of Wimbledon (direct replacement - even comes with Renault logos and barcodes).

More power? Not really.
More torque? It kind of flattens out and makes the mid-range a little keener.
Throttle response? Seems a little sharper, but then that could just be the ITG panel filter doing that.

The main thing that works for me is the extra 500rpm (limited at 7,750 instead of 7,250 rpm). I don't routinely use the extra revs but on some tracks the extra length can save you a pointless gearchange as you can hang on to a cog just a little bit longer.