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Grr - stupid b1tch

Just scuffed one of my alloys because this stupid b**ch decided to stop in front of me and block the whole road !! GRRRRR!


Look at it this way, its better than smashing up your cars and having to make a claim on your insurance.

Always look on the bright side.


Too true - I wish I could afford new wheels but at the moment all my spare cash is going on the house. If you want money to spend, never buy a house.


  Shiny red R32

Tony, surely your Iceberg is not so "happy" now that you have scuffed one of the wheels.

I scuffed one of my alloys on a pot hole, so i changed it for the spare. Now i gone and scuffed that one too on a kerb, thats life eh?

Yep - my spare is buggered as someone pulled out on me and we clashed wheels. Hadnt even run the car in by then.

Have been thinking of getting them refurbed but I believe its cheaper for a full set so if this is true would anyone want to add a wheel or two to make up 4 ? Just a thought.