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Grrr ANNOYED!!!! :(

Can u believe it??

my exhaust has arrived on the island... but the post office wont let me come colect it instead of them delivering it.. because they have to attempt to deliver it to me first before i can go and claim it!!!!! OMG HOW FRUSTRATING I WANT IT NOW!!!!! :mad:


  Shiny red R32


Just remember that the longer you wait for something the more you will enjoy it when it arrives! Waiting is half of the excitement.

Hope it fits when you finally get your hands on it!

  190 BHP Willy 2

Make sure your in when they deliver it then.

My luck is that id miss the delivery, go to the post office to pick it up and find they are shut and only open on a wednesday, when the sun is shining and the post master has had weetabix for breakfast.


Got the scorpion exhaust in the end! meant to be good!

Yeah GR :( but i dont like waiting when i know its just a 5 minute drive away! :confused:

im gonna cry now
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Good old Parcel Force strike again. They tried to deliver a package to my home address twice, stuck notes through the door saying it was at the depot. Did a 45 mile round trip to the depot they said only to find it was actually at the one 500 yards round the corner from my house!

Hope they are all made redundant!


Anders how is the magnex? I am about to order one. Does it fit well? At the moment I have a cheap (speed steel) exhaust on and it is just loud and boomy, I want something that sounds nice but doesnt make your ears bleed on the motorway. The current exhaust makes me sound like a Nova but it seems daft to buy a standard one and throw a stainless one away and I figured Magnex wouldnt be too bad.
  Williams 2, STi N12

The magnex is perfect. Not too loud but has a deep rumble at low rpm and a nice scream at top end. The fit is suprisingly good too, have to put in an adaptor plate but that comes with it. The hardest job is hacking off the OEM exhaust but seeing as yours is already gone then you should have no probs.
  mk2 172

iv got one on my willy and its nowt but trouble(he he keeps stingin me) seriously, it keeps movin about, it fits ok for a week then starts bangin, get it reajusted then it last for a while etc... at the minute it loud as fuk and very annoying, bangs on everythin


  Shiny red R32


I had a Scorpion on my S16 Pug and it was a perfect fit and with the K&N induction kit etc it sounded great.

If it doesnt fit, they will take it back and swap it for one that does fit.


  Shiny red R32


Maybe the way you race about in your car doesnt help what goes on underneath it! Your driving probably vibrates the exhaust off its mountings!


thats true, my scorpion did fit fine, then it started to bang, replaced the rubber hangers, but it kept knocking, not quite as much but still there, the hangers are a bit crap really, cant expect it to stay still with that setup