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Gumball 3000

yeah i thought it was amazing .... would of loved to have been a passenger in any of the cars .... i thought that maximillion guy was a bit of a pleb though ....


I watched it last year where loads of famous people like Vic Reeves, Damon Hill and some Baron entered. DH was driving a Yellow Diablo spinning his wheels on London Bridge ! I would have loved to have been in the car with him !

Last year there were some right headers in a red Ferrari (the thought of red Ferraris makes me sick after yesterdays post on the subject) and they showed a video of them flying past a bunch of cars and then later up the road all they could see was flashing lights ! The Ferrari had lost control, hit a bank and took off ! The two guys in the car were alive but one was holding a bandage to his neck and blood was just pumping out ! Fooking crazy ! And what makes it even more amazing is that it was a convertible ! No protection at all ! The car was mangled !

Scary but oh my god it would be awesome ! Some guy got a $4,000 speeding ticket last year !

Didnt think the show was as entertaining as the Euro version that Ruby Wax covered but still looked like a bloody good laugh!