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GUTTED ! Door dent ! :(

Well as the title suggests I am well and truly gutted ! Parked my car in a hotel this week and found a great spot right in the corner of the car park so I could park as far away as possible from any other cars and I get home yesterday and notice that some f*cker has opened their door onto my car ! It has left a small crease in the door and also scratched it a bit ! I am so careful about where I park my car and how close I park it to other cars and you get these pr*cks who do not give a damn ! I am very angry as you can tell ! It is not a huge dent but it is the principal of it !

Been speaking to ChavyBoy about this and he had some dents removed by one of the various companies around. What companies would you recommend to do the best job and possibly the cheapest with Xmas coming up ? Personal experience or people you know of would be great.


Cheers Paul, did you get yours fixed in the end then ? I found some small chips on my door and bonnet too, have to expect that with the condition of our roads these days but it is just annoying ! I do not want to spend a fortune. I have just looked at the car again and the damage does not look that bad, doubt you would notice unless I told you but I KNOW it is there now, I hate that !

Some of the stonechips I could do with the paint and toothpick jobby but has anybody done this and how good does it look ?


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Touch wood my car is still virginal!

Thank goodness, as I would hate anyone to touch it.

Thanks GR

I think you have to drive it somewhere and park it places for it to get damaged so you should be ok...


Never got mine sorted. Waste of time, like someone said she will only go and do it again. I will wait till we can afford to get her another car thenm I will get it done.



  Shiny red R32

I have been driving and parking my car Daipac!

I have now driven it 2,985 careful (most of the time) miles!!

The miles are creeping up.


GR, be careful now, you may hit the 4000 mile barrier in the first 12 months of ownership and we cant have that.

Fair enough Paul, if I had done this myself then fair enough but when someone else does it then it is just so frustrating ! But what can you do......
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My car had 3 dents in the bonnet when I collected it where some numbskull had pressed the bonnet shut..! Got some guy from one of these "dent-away" companies to sort it, took him 5 minutes at the roadside and sent the bill to the supermarket I got the car from. Looks great now.

Had some git smack a wing mirror this week; they sped off leaving me crying at a small scratch. At least its happened now & I can stop worrying about it!

JillyB, I know ! My black beauty is damaged !

Batesyboy, do you know the name of the company and how much the bill came to if you do not mind me asking ?
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All I remember is hes called "Joe" and does all of Jeffries Farms body work... you could try calling them for his number. Theyre in Crawley, West Sussex.

He did a great job cos he had to go in through a tiny hole as the bonnets double skinned.

Id imagine most of these kind of companies are equally skilled, but sorry, dont know the cost - just told him to invoice them!

Good luck and dont worry, shell be back to tip-top in no time ;)
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DRAGON DENTS! LOL CB I thought youd invented that for a minute. I remember Crumlin from when I was a kid. There was a huge viaduct right across the valley. I think it was dismantled in the 70s.

Free tourist information, public service etc etc... OK Ill be off then.

i know what you mean i got a dent in my door last week and i also have a dent on my tailgate that is goin to need a respray as the paint split all because of some w**ker that went to the pub at the end of my road. The anoying thing is 1) i dont know why they done it and who they are and 2) ive had quotes between of 500 and 700 to repair it and most of its the labour charge but luckily got a quote for 200