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H&Rs rattling from the rear? Ideas?

As I said in the other thread, I went for a compromise between handling and sensible height for the use I give the car (often over uneven/unsurfaced tracks while MTBing) and ended up with this:

Heights (measured from ground to top of wheelarch, through centre of wheel):
Front: 600mm
Rear: 605mm
and had camber and toe-in set up accordingly.

Handling is brilliant, only problem is slight rubbing occasionally, and a fooking rattle from the rear of the car - think it's the springs where they mount onto the platforms (metal-to-metal).

Obviously this isn't a normal noise - anyone care to suggest what it could be?


P.S. Dave, do yours still rattle now?
  R35 GTR
Mine always rattle when the rear springs move. I might just use the bottom rubber off the old springs to stop the metal on metal contact, but you should have had an o shaped rubber thing to put in their.


ClioSport Club Member
  Extreme mode
hhmmmm just thought, my springs had little plastic rings to put inbetween the spring and platform
Don't think mine had any rubber/plastic rings - and I got 'em new.

I'll try and investigate now but anyone feel free to throw ideas in while I do!
Nope, definately NO rubber/plastic bits between the bottom of the spring and the adjuster platform. And I fitted the coilies myself so I know what came in the box - we certainly didn't miss anything.

Don't know if I'll just live with the noise, can't hear it with music on, but it's annoying when on "enthusiastic" drives when the radio gets left off. Might try and butcher the original rubber bits that went between the bottom of the original springs and the bottom platform and still 'em in, but then I'm left with nae rubber bits when I put the original suspension back on (i.e. sale time).

Ah feck it...
Dave3141 said:
I'll see if i can get some from the breakers for both of us.
That would be brilliant Dave, see what you can do :). I was going to enquire at Renault this week while I'm there - in for a problem AGAIN - about the cost of them.

Just went for a drive - it's more of a chatter than a rattle, but definately the lower spring adjustment platforms.
Car's booked in for a separate problem for Thursday so I'll ask about the cost of the bits then. It's the only thing I can see that could be responsible for the noise.

Could any other H&R owners confirm if you either suffer from the same rattling as me and Dave, or confirm if yours have a rubber/plastic ring between the bottom of the rear springs and the adjusting platform?