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Halfords 5W50 Fully Synthetic Track Day Oil (£10 for 5L)

Just looking for a suitable engine oil to replace the overly expensive Gulf competition 15w 50 that the MR2 has run on since the 2ZZ engine swap and after a lot of reading on viscosities and grades I've decided the most suitable with performance and value in mind was a 5w 50 as its thin at cold temperatures (15w to thick our climate) and with the 50 SAE rating not to thin at high track temperatures. So I found Comma Motorsport 5W-50 Fully Synthetic at a good price which meets the A3/B3-B4 spec of the 2ZZ engine and was only £21 for 5L on EBay, versus £50 for the Gulf competition stuff...winner!

Anyway after a bit more searching for an even cheaper price Google came up with the Halfords gear at just £10 for 5L which I initially thought nah, no chance! Anyway after looking at the safety data sheet the Halfords stuff is actually made by Comma and searching Comma's online catalogue they only manufacture one grade of 5w 50 performance engine oil so its exactly the same gear for just a tenner for 5L...double winner!!!

I can change the oil after every track day now without breaking the bank.

Its not available online as its currently 'out of stock' but my local store has some available after ringing up

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I'm not sure it's exactly the same as the 'label' Comma stuff!

I reckon it's the same situation as petrol, where BP (or whoever) make supermarket petrol - in that it won't be s**t but it won't have the super-duper stuff they (claim to) put in (to justify ridiculous prices).

All that said... if you're changing it after every track day and not staying out for 8 hours solid, so the oil has a chance to cool down between sessions, a tenner a go is ideal.
Having more of a read around the net, supposedly Comma are in partnership with Halfords across all there own branded name oils. Makes sense as they would sell a s**t load more through Halfords than their own branding bumping up tonnage and therefore profit even if they make a small margin with Halfords.

As mentioned its exactly the same spec as the Comma branded gear (ACEA A3/B3 API SL CF) and Comma only make 1 grade of 5w 50 so I reckon it'll be exactly the same. £10 is a promotional price its usually around £25.