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Halfords Seat Repair Kit

  Not got a car
Is it any good, I just found a tiny hole in the drivers seat.

Pissed me right off as I know these can get back and it look s**t!
  S4 Avant
I heard theres a mint condition drivers seat for sale on eBay at the moment? It even comes with a bust passenger seat!

...In regards to the halfords repair kit, I'd be suspicious of the results you could get.
  ibiza cupra
any sort of kit you get from halfords isnt going to be the best as there main target market are people who are not professionals or dont know what they are doing or people who just want to do a "tidy it up" job. not many items there that i would use but having said that, its probly the best you will get without it being done properly by a pro.
  Not got a car
Well i just been out side hoovering, hoovered the seat where the hole is and it went, i dont know wtf i was seeing but it was not a hole.!!!

The thing is i ran my finger over it and pushed it in about 10 times inspecting it, even thought i saw the stuffing underneith.

I must be on something.
  Not got a car
God knows what the hell i was doing, I looked and pulled it about loads of times, it was def a hole lol. Im sure.

Must have been a bit of cotton, and the white dots created some sort of special illionsion and i tripped out.