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Hamiltons fields camping @ RWS 2011

ok guys and dolls,

i've mentioned in a few threads the drill at world series for campers but i thought i'd post here as i've had a few pm's :)

Hamiltons have just belled me asking what numbers are looking like and where we want to camp... when i say we i mean all the benders and lasses that have a laugh and go every year.

I'll keep it short, anyone wanting to camp with fellow RS cars (plus a few more exotica), have a top laugh and cause abit of havoc (all before 12 obviously) say you are camping with me... Naith

Every year we go we have a top laugh and even families with kids are ok, we usually occupy the second field top corner but i've asked if we can have the top of the first field so its basically a straight road in and we can go to the crap entertainment bit like last year and jazz it up. I mean some of the memories are rediculous, crap event ;) epic bants ;)

Obviously if you wanna go and have nothing to do with us then cool but i thought i'd let those interested know.

It is cool to pay on the gate, although a tad more expensive, so erm yeh see anyone going on friday night on friday, anyone going on the sat we'll save you a space, sort of.

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I'll be down on Saturday already booked and said I want to be with the Clio sport/megane sport lot.
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Gutted i'm missing this, this year! Was a good giggle last year.

Is the Irish lad going to camp again Naith :evil:?