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Hard or soft paint!

  Megane R26
Not true, you can't make sweeping statements like that.

How old is the BMW? Newer BMW's are using new clearcoat's, which cure over a 6 month period, so are initially very soft, and are never 'hard'.

E46's are generally 'harder' but never assume anything until you see, assess and test the paint on each individual car. Never go in 'heavy' assuming paint hardness. Always spend time testing combos out.
I'll rephrase that.

As a rule of thumb, in my experience, hard. Obviously you'll have to test the panels first though as any one of them could have been resprayed so could be a totally different ball game.
  Mk2 172
Intermediate id say with BMW. Merc is what i would class as hard. Intermediate is however a wide band of cars and most cars are in that band i would say.
  Not a 320d
The white is f**king rock solid. Black, also rock solid. However Le Mans Blue is soft as s**t. ( i think its called le mans blue).

Not really polished any other colours on a BMW.

Paladian Silver on a Merc is not what I would call hard but its not soft either.

Malta Blue on a Renault is harder than Pearl Black, but Racing Blue I thought was fairly hard for Renault. ]

All different.