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Has This Had Something Done Too It?

  Renault Sport 172CUP


thanks guys
yep could'nt tell if right or wrongly done, but they've been given a go with a machine

when done on a CNC machine the ports would be more "similiar" to eachother. If this is better than the way yours are done i do'nt really know

In fact; (or edit !) : your's look pretty well done compared to my Angelworks ones , also CNC machined !
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  iceberg 172
wayyy i was correct well maybe you could help me asoon as you head is off. do you have to remove the pullys from the cams to get the rocker cover off or not
  Renault Sport 172CUP
I can see like an original cast in there where it looks as if it's been missed? Jamesd1263, whats your opinion?
  Renault Sport 172CUP
Couldn't tell you if it's completely necessary mate as i stripped everything before opening it up :/ i did see your thread and was going to reply but thought someone maybe able to answer you more specifically.