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Having a nice drive then.....

my battery light came on & stayed on. This worried me a little so I thought if I got home quick then I could sort it. It didnt run right on the way home and felt like it kept losing power. Anyway, to cut a long story short, apparently my alternator is going/gone as this is the reason the battery light came on. Any one have any ideas how much it would cost to change the alternator. Please tell me its not an expensive job.....
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It will be quite expensive. The recon alternators are about 80-100 quid from a factors and whoever takes the job on will regret it as its a total arse.

Looking at probably couple of hundred all in.


get one from a yard from an oblitorated clio and do it yourself like a real man would!

where u from as i happen to know a yard where a fecked clio is


I changed the alternator on my 16v. It is a complete nightmare !!! If you can afford it, get someone else to do it. If you cant afford it, youll be taking the front of the car off !!! If youve got big hands, forget it...

Sh!t. And theres me hoping it would be a nice cheap, easy job. I always seem to be paying out for stuff at the moment. I think I might go out & buy a skateboard.

Dan, that happened to me in my RT.....But i didnt stop. Eventually my headlights died, windscreen wiper went, dash lights went (it was at night and raining) So i managed to get up to 110mph b4 the engin cut out and coasted of the A12 into the middle of a roundabout where i didnt have enough battery left to a) turn on my hazards and b) lock the car.

When the AA got to me they wacked my alternator with a big stick and a huge hammer and it worked again for about a week. The bloke told me to either get a new one if i was feeling rich or go out and get some new alturnator brushes.

Being a non car tech guy i opted for the new alt but i no brushes only cost a few squid.


there about 150 new 120 for a recon and u gotta remove the bonnet headlight and maybe the grill just to gain access..
oh and i dont reccommend driving with the red light on, i tried it then my car died! tow time!

Even if you go for just new bushes, youve still gotta get the bleedin alternator out. This will most likely remove all the patience you have, and all the skin on your hands.

Getting it back in is the hard bit. Youll have no chance of setting the tension on the belt with the tension wheel, so youll just have to play about with the alternator position, until you think the belt is tight enough.

Youre also going to need a lot of tools, as spanner length, yes length, is very important when trying to get the basta*d thing out.

Good luck !

I also have new alternators for £80 each, would need to see yours though.

If you are in the lancs area let me know, I will take a look.

if the ones I have will fit, I will fit it for you for 140 inclusive.