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Haynes Manuals

Where can I get a good deal on a Haynes manual for a 2002 MK2 172 ? Any good online stores that sell them as I would like to learn how to be able to maintain my car properly.

Not sure they do one yet. I want the same for a 2002 1.2 16v. They are the best way to understand how to improve performance.


Just looked on the Haynes website, they do not have them listed yeah ! Ohhhh man ! How long does it take for them to be published ?

To write the manual, they have to get hold of a car and strip it down to bare components and reassembly is reverse of removal. It may take some time.

  Silver Fabia vRS

They dont produce one for the 172. They will be bringing out a manual for the MK3 Clios soon but will be excluding the 2 and 3 litre versions; I guess there isnt enough interest from the general public on them.

i can get ahold of Renault worshop manuals, but they cost about 140 quid and an arm........

also, no V6 in MK3 guise.

and, ya just need the renault cds and parts databse lol, and, the clio 2000- haynes, and, the Megane 2ltr 2001- haynes.. that about covers it.. no, you cant have the cds...


well, were currently goin to have the MK2 Ph2 clio V6 come out soon......

the next clio ala the new megane style will not ahve a V6 varient......