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Hazard button?

The hazard light button in the centre of the dash is knackered. Either the spring or the switch has gone as it wont 'engage'. Has anyone else has this problem? Is it easily fixable or do I need a new button?
  Mk2 Clio dci
its a common prob with these switches, youll need a new one. Bad news is renault upped the price a little while back, there about 20 odd quid now, instead of about 6!!!
  Focus RS mk1
yeh as above, renault saw this as a money making opportunity for there poor build quality and upped price.. thanks renault lol
  PH-Lamer 1.4 16v
i got mine done for free, i just said it was necessary in the case of an emergency, and its an important safety feature...blahblahblah...and eventually they gave in and did it for me!