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hazard lights problem

went to my car before and the hazard lights were flashing, however the button was not pressed and i had to start the car a switch them on and off manually to stop them flashing. this is the second time that its happened in the last week.

does anyone know whats going on coz i dont want to get up tommorow and find out they started again and drained my battery
  One with a few more

My boyfriend has a similar problem with indicators on his 206. You might want to get behind the dash and look at the connections - they may need treating with some electrical spray as I have to do quite often with my wires that keep putting my service and airbag lights on!

problem is now getting worse as the hazard lights are now coming on when i was driving to work. They stuck on when i unlocked the car this evening however before i drove home i pulled the fuse for the immobiliser after i started it and the hazard lights did not come on once.

Im now thinking there is a problem with the alarm/immobiliser which may get quite expensive

has this happened to anyone else?