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HDD Help

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I recently bought a second hand computer

It has a 120gb hd but only 90 is available I have what looks like 2 versions of XP installed aswell How can i find out whats on the HD and remove what i dont want ;) and remove the other XP operating software ?

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If you have two windows/dos/NTFS partitions you'll need to Fdisk, if your willing to re-install windows then Fdisk it, remove the two partitions, and create one large one.

Then format and re-install windows, bobs yer truth you won't get the full 120gb on the disk as these disks are always 'there abouts' on the spec.

all depends on if the files have been protected by passwords or not, if they haven't plug it into another pc with XP on and scoot around it :D
Also if you can do that, use the Administrator Tools too to format afterwards but failing that, Fdisk is there but it'll make whatevers on the disk beforehand making it unreadable as you'll alter boot sector headers.
theboydann said:
in truth you won't get the full 120gb on the disk as these disks are always 'there abouts' on the spec.

This is because the industry uses 1000bytes rather than 1024bytes to a kilobyte/megabyte etc. Hence the actual capacity in real gigabytes is always less than the claimed size. These days, with large capacity drives, it's becoming a pretty serious issue IMO. I have a 400GB drive that's actually 372GB, and a 320GB that's ony 297GB - thats a large chunk missiing from the advertised size.
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sounds like its partitioned. right click on 'my computer' and choose manage then take a look at 'disk management' in there.

there maybe an unpartitioned chunk of space in there.
  A well built VW
Cheers Adam It looks like this

Only one volume which is C
Layout - partition
Type - Basic
File System - NTFS
Status - healthy

Capacity 112GB
Free 74
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What type of pc is it? i know the hp machines have a chunk of hard drive partitioned off as a recovery area, could be something along the same lines?