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Head phones

New to the game but want some good headphones. Upto 100 for them. Any suggestions?

Real head phones, not in ear things.

Got some skull candy needy. But want some 'decent' ones.

Ian, for when I'm on bus to work or tube etc. Live music so need something decent.


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Wouldn't recommend the Grado then. They're the opposite of sound cancelling. They have an open back for better sound balance, but it does mean sound gets in if it's noisy.

Skull Candy didn't have a very good rep when I was looking around, all show and no go as it were. Don't know if they've upped their game or not.
Nah they haven't. They just look cool and when riding, one needs to look cool as f**k.

Any suggestions on something sound cancelling.

Might have to have a peek on some nerdy av forum.
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Sennheiser's always impressed me! Go into the Apple shop, should be able to test some with their ipods?
roffle I did that last week. But I spent 2 hours listeninto these 300 pound songs as they were just so much better!

Cheers needy, will check them out.
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Sennheiser's always impressed me! Go into the Apple shop, should be able to test some with their ipods?
cant go wrong with sennheiser`s. ive got some sony mdr - v700`s and they are good headphones but are a little old now. usto to be industry standard for all the dj`s but now they all use the sennheisers. but if you wanted the sony`s you can pick them up for about 70 or 80 quid now.
should be able to find some other decent ones on there too.
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for the price, like a set of sennheiser 595's (maybe 555's) OR my preference and definite recommendation, BeyerDynamics DT770 (70hm version). Make the competition seem pretty pathetic by comparison.
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dude, i wrtoe 70ohm in my post!! hahaha

i got my set from dolphin music. they are phenomenal from all sources. Unless you get into headphones requiring a headphone amp you won't get much better for the money.

]note: the 70ohm vresion are more bass heavy than the 80ohms...but with 80ohms are recommded to be powered with a seperate amp. personally i love it
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Ive always had Grado's Fantastic headphones for around £100. I think they sell them on just search grado
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it's worth mentioning what sort of music or listening your going to be doing. grado for example are excellent for classical music.
Got a pair of Sennheiser HD280 Pro great phones use mine for monitoring all the time, though i find the bass a little weak when running them off an ipod (mainly dubstep + DnB)
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What's the best headphones for pop punk ? :rasp: I have sennheiser wireless ones skinny if they're for in the house and they're really good !
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sknny - get the 80s mate must be the newer sets with higher ohms - the 250s will need driving.

shadowness - those are very good actually - for what they're supposed to do anyway -, used a set for a couple of weeks on holiday as it goes.
^Good to hear (no pun intended!) I cant quite justify the £300+ ones, but anything up to £150 would be ok. Anyone know of anything in that price range?
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i have the sony 300 ones they're brilliant but i wouldn't say as good as those beyers.