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headlight adjustment

afternoon all just wandered if anyone could shed any light on how i can adjust the angle my headlights shine? ive looked in manual and found where to do it but cant seem to work out how you actually adjust them! its a 95 16v which does have the light adjustment on the dash but the left shines much higher! thanks for any help.
  Williams 2, STi N12

I am asuming it is the same as my willy here.

Under the bonnet and directly above the headlights there should be a white adjuster (pictured in the Haynes manual). Park perpendicular to a wall several meters away, turn your lights on and adjust them till your happy. Remember that you have got the internal adjuster so double check with that aswell before driving off and blinding somebody.

Hope this helps.

i have found the white adjuster on top of the light unit which does turn but nothing seems to happen there is also a black square piece below which looks something to do with it but that doesnt turn either! is it simply turn the white piece and you headlights should move up and down? or is there some trick to this? (maybe there is a fault with my adjuster!) thanks for your help too.
  Williams 2, STi N12

You should just be able to turn it and see your light beam move up and down, try from one extent to the other.

If it doesnt work then try the other one and match it to the busted one. Once they are both the same then you will just have to use the internal one.