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Headlight/side light bulbs

  Clio 172 Cup, Eunos

Has anyone got any recommendations for side and headlight bulbs?

What are they? H1, H4?

Looking at, but not sure, what are the Philips blue vision ones like?

Philips Blue Vision are Great.

Nice White Light.. Pretty bright too!

I paid £24.99 for these.. that was two headlights (H4) and 2 sidelights in a pack.


Yea, I noticed Powerbulbs doing the free Sidelight bulbs.

My Dipped beam filament went on one of my original bulbs, so thought it a great opportunity to get some new ones, so I went to Motorworld and bought the pack... was very impressed with them. Still love it when I flick the full beam on and it lights up EVERYTHING!

Hope you like em!