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Headunit question

  Dci 100
if i replace my headunit with a new one will i still be able to use my multichanger and stalk controls? plus will the dash display still work? if not does the display show anything at all?

I have a Blaupunkt Daytona MP3 headunit from my old car just lying around and its better than the standard unit, i'd rather have it in my car that sell it, but i dont want to loose the stalk and multichanger functions
  Tesla MP3 2021
the stalk controls wont work im affraid you will need to get an adapter.. best place is from the display will say just the clock but if you get an adapter it will say the name of your h/unit.. i.e mine says pioneer:)

as for the cd changer not to sure as not sure about what connections it has got, but if you have an mp3 h/unit you will not need a cd changer as you can get like 5/6 albums on an mp3 cd:)
  Tesla MP3 2021
right ok so obviously you need to get it from alpine to blaupunkt which my be difficult. but not to sure tbh