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Headunits, Stalks & Displays...

I know the sticky has information about this but it does seem to be slightly out of date. I am going to attempt to put together a list of known combinations of make of headunit, and if it works with the stalk and/or display.

If you have one that works could you let me know the head unit make, if it works with the stalk, the display(and level of working some just display the make of the headunit) and also if you know the adapter you needed.

Thanks Mat.
  Dynamique S 138

Hi you can buy adaptors to make the stalks work with the head unit, i have a sony stalk adaptor for sale, pm me if your intrested

vinny if you read his post again yopu will see he knows that and is compiling a list of head units that will work properly with them, and the extra display you get on mk2 clios
  E87 118i

This is what I have.

Adapter >> Connects2: DRNS003

Head Unit >> Sony: Any model with changer/shuttle control