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Heating vents out, DVD Screen in?

If i was to remove the 2 heating vents from the middle of my Mk1 dash, could I get hold of an adaptor to put a DIN-sized headunit (with a motorised dvd screen) in?

Anyone done this before? :approve:


  RS 182 - Black Gold
It has been done before.

A few people have done it on here - maybe worth searching

IIRC you have to block off the air vents (for obv reasons)
You can get a single DIN to fit in there - unsure if they used a cage or found any adaptors.
  Civic Vtec y0
You would need to run the wires up from your cd player to the new location. I would say you would need 2 make a adatper yourself? May be wrong tho!

If its done right it would look very good IMO

(what will you do with the space thats left where your old tape/cd player used to be?)