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Helium in tyres

I saw people put helium instead of normal air in their tyres. Saw an advert in one of Asian car magzine.

I can see the logic behind it. cos helium is lighter than air.

would be interesting to see what everyone thinks.

Quote: Originally posted by SteveJJH on 01 February 2003

I dont think it would make that much difference. Dont F1 teams use pure nitrogen cos its less reactive?

Your right, with normal O2 your tyres pressures can vary quite abit between been a hot tyre and a cold tyre. Nitrogen will keep a stable pressure as it is an inert gas. !

Helium would make you car float away ! ;)
  2012 WRX Waggon

waste of time (imo)!

The F1 teams use Nitrogen because of its predictable expansion when hot, though it probably only counts for 0.000s of a second on a track - but in that game everything counts.

I hear Shell are now providing 79% Nitrogen to all motorists who pump their tyres up at a shell service station FREE!!
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the advantage with helium is that your tyres wont need inflating as often, as less of it escapes through the tyre

oh an talkin of tyre inflation, is it just me who cant seem to get my tyres to inflate at petrol stations ?........the only ones that work for me are the digital ones were you press in what pressure you the hell do you work the other kind ?.......

but when ya pissed u and ya mateswould be outside suckin ya tyres for the squeky voice affect!! i know i would!!! and hen u sober up the next day and wanna go out, ya tyres will be flat and itll we piss u off!
  2012 WRX Waggon

lol brun, i always end up with my tyres flatter than when i went in.

that feeling u get when u cant get the adapter on properly, and all u can hear is escaping air.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

i can get it on, but not sure what to do with the handle, as whichever way it goes i seem to be lettin my tyres down
  2012 WRX Waggon

id have thought incidently, that filling with helium would have the opposite effect. Helium is a relatively small molecule, and would diffuse faster than air, this is why the helium baloons you get deflate so quickly.

but who knows? How much is it a tyre to inflate with helium?

visceral - wow.....will have to go and get some of that special Shell 79% Nitrogen air.... ;). Id even pay extra if it has 20% oxygen and 1% inert gasses!
  2012 WRX Waggon

lol - yep the 1% inerts really do the trick!!

one of the other reasons to use Nitrogen is to do away with all the crap the compressors throw out, like oil etc - Did alittle reading on the subject, still seems alittle OTT for the road though. There is a place in the N/W who do Nitrogen fills for Bikes - If anyones interested.

If you put helium in your tyres youd need to keep topping them up all the time as helium escapes VERY easily as the atoms are so damn small!!!

It makes no difference what so ever what gas you put in your tyres in terms of expansion, pv=nrt, any gas or mixture of gases expands or contracts the same amount with temp. change. 1 mole of any gas at room temp. and 1atm takes up 24 litres!!!
  2012 WRX Waggon

MSA would like to invite you to a free nitrogen tyre fill for your bikes and have a chat about tyres and bike facilities. MSA are a main specialist dealer of Michelin tyres and offer competitive prices on tyres and other ancillary bike products. The specialist tyre bay incorporates all the necessary bike stands and lifting equipment for bikes and has a comprehensive engineering shop.

If you are passing any time give us a ring on 0870 758 0164 to make an appointment to call in and the offer of a free nitrogen fill still stands.


M62 J20 Left at roundabout. Down to next roundabout take first left. Down to next roundabout take third exit (right) to Rochdale onto dual carraigeway. Take second turning on left. Down to T junction turn left onto same road as Rochdale fire station. MSA is on left after school.

Bob Turner.

MSA Tyres - not too sure if they fill car tyres - worth a go though.
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simon, yep Ideal Gas Law, I think its more to do with the lack of contaminants such as water and compressor oil mist etc. Though it still sounds abit extreme to me!
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Quote: Originally posted by BRUN on 01 February 2003

i can get it on, but not sure what to do with the handle, as whichever way it goes i seem to be lettin my tyres down
Brun you have to put 20p in the slot m8 ;)