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Hello noob Renault owner here!

  2013 Renault Clio
Hello all, I am the proud owner of a 2013 Renault Clio MK4 Dynamique Med-Nav DC. I have a few questions that I'd like some assistance with from those that have more knowledge than me about cars (which is pretty much everyone on the planet)

Firstly: Lights behind air-conditioning and heating controls have gone. So no idea what I'm turning the nobs to in the dark
....what am I looking for in the fuse board, what type of bulbs may require replacing?

Secondly: would like to upgrade the speakers to prevent distortion at high levels with these current original "bass reflex" speakers.

I've joined with the hope of becoming more knowledgeable about cars (in particular my own) because admittedly I feel a bit silly not knowing anything really especially as I'm now 28.



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  Clio 197,with megan'
Hi Chris,Welcome to the Forum. The Fuse board will be marked with what the fuses are for. If not sure, remove one at a time, and you should see the wire between the contacts.When you find the broken one, replace like for like. You can of course, change the speakers, but having had Speakers/subs/amps over the years, personally, I would not bother. I use phone, and wire free ear buds, and so I control the ANC as required.
Welcome to the forum! :)

Personally speaking, I would upgrade the speakers because I think earbuds and similar remove the ability to hear quieter sounds, such as cyclists and pedestrians - if you take the grills off you will be able to measure the speakers and work out what size you need, then you can purchase replacements with a high power rating to remove the risk of blowing them in the future :) (but be aware that running a standard or cheap stereo at high volume might mean the signal is clipped (flat-top signals) which can kill speakers more quickly.

The lamps behind the heating controls might be W5Ws, but I am not sure. The best thing to do is take it apart and see what you have, then order replacements. Set the temperature and direction to high and the windscreen before you do it, then you should be able to see and be warm while it is apart! :D