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Hello & Radar questions...

Hello All, just found the site this week - excellent stuff! Managed to find a cure for the dreaded 4K rattle (booked in the dealers early Jan) & managed to help Paddy with his stero problem. Ill be joining up as soon as I can activate my new paypal account.

Im thinking of getting a radar detector, & have shortlisted the Bel Euro 550 & the snooper 815is. Have any of you 172 Mk2 owners out there got one of these? Do they work ok through the little window at the bottom of the screen? Saw a few threads on radar detectors, but would really like some more help.

The 550 is a good bit of kit and works through that area of window. If you want more protection then something like a blue i will give you locations of fixed positions and a jammer will block the laser. The 550 will detect laser but you will need to shed some speed pretty quick if your are over the limit.

Although ive spoken to quite a few people that have been done by undercover car, stop watch timed between two positions and overhead cameras on bridges (not sure if 550 will detect? because they are up higher).

Some people reckon it is better to invest the money in advance driving techniques.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

i wouldnt be comparing the 550 to the 815, wouldnt you be better comparing it to the S5-R as they are closer matched on price
  Clio 1.8 16v

the best radar detector by all means is the valentine one ere check for ur self but a bit on the bankers side

Ben J - Whereabouts in Soton are you? I saw a green valver yesterday in Totton. Was that you? I was in the RSi, not the 172. Send me a PM to ley me know!

Simon/Brun/Wkdlad - Thanks for the comments. Basically what I want is the best I can get at a reasonable price. I reckon the valentine sounds like a great bit of kit, but have ruled it out as I want to be able to use the detector in more than one car, (& ones a company car so I cant mod it) so it has to be one of the stick on window jobs. Anyone got experience of the S5R or 550 or 815 in a 172 mk2? Thats where itll get the most use. Im particularly interested in how accurate they are in detecting things & how many false alerts they give.