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  Clio sport 172
Good evening guys, My name is Law, 18 from Cambridgeshire! Been driving a year next month so upgrading from the peugeot 206 to a Clio sport, 172! Already got her, here's some photos. On an 02 plate. Been lowered on coilovers and upgraded performance exhaust.




:D Law
  Clio sport 172
Thanks lads, yeah it is a nice clean car! Only 100k miles! And funny you should say that, the insurance on my 206 for my first year driving was 3100, with a years ncb insurance on this beast is only 1400.
  Clio sport 172
Also, any idea's what you lot think it is worth? Sat on coilovers and upgraded exhaust. Not selling it, just curious! Thanks Law


  Z4, VW172, R26
What coilovers and what exhaust? Mileage? When were belts done and what is service history like?
Is guess £1250
  Clio sport 172
Full service history, up to 94k miles, got 100k on clock, not 100% sure on coilovers and exhaust, will find out let you know! Thanks lads
Easiest way imo is to upload them first to an image hosting website (imgur, flckr etc)

Then just copy the image url into your post, like below:

hope that helps dude


  1.2Clio / 182!!
Not your twitter account. Open an account at and copy the image url not a twitter web page address
  clio sport 172
orite guys im having trouble fitting a speedo sensor to 02 plate clio sport 172 it will just fit have u guys any ideas cheers