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hello, no, sorry no tecky help at all!! dodgy name on here 16vking - Mr Read might have something to say about that one!!! however, you are of course more than welcome to have joined the nut house!
  Audi S3

Hi there and welcome!
None of them know where the starter moter in ur 16v is cuz they dont have one posh rich people!
looks like its in a very hard place to get to near the exaust manifold behind a heat sheild (not the big one behind manifold) hope this helps

  Williams 2, STi N12

Yep it is situate in the most awkward position of all, well apart from the oil filter!!

Looking down at your engine from the is under the manifold at the right hand side, there are 3 bolts holding it in position, youll have to remove you airbox to get at advice EVER is to buy a Haynes manual!!!