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Help! £600 for a sunroof!!!!

My sunroof decided to shatter on the way home last night.

Not covered by windscreen cover. Been quoted "not much change out of 600 quid mate"

Anyone know where I can get one cheaper?

It was open and I was going some (but not rediculous speed)Dont think it was a brick because Im sure there isnt a bridge over the A41 at that point.

Scrappy sounds like a good Idea, hadnt thought of that. Looks like a bit of a mare to fit.
  Golf GTi DSG

Id imagine youd get one from a scrapper, RT, vavler Id imagine would fit, think the RN came with a sunroof as well, assume your on about the valver?

Panic over, Got hold of a new one for only £79.

On closer inspection it looks easy too fit. The Haynes manual had put me off by saying there were loads of components and to not touch it yourself but I guess they are on about the drive mech.

Got a good mind to call the windscreen bloke back and call him a c***