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HELP!!!!!How Much for a

  190 BHP Willy 2

New rear bumper and plastic bit on the bottom of the boot? Phase 2.

I need to find out Renault prices as some W#*ker drove into the back of me this morn at a roundabout and cracked my bumper and broke the fixing brackets. He also smashed the plastic bit on the bottom of my tailgate. No other damage was done just where his number plate hit. It was a ford probe which displays its front number plate 3ft in front of the bumper on a solid plastic back plate.


  190 BHP Willy 2

yes his insurance would cover them and in worst case scenario mine would. but he wants to try and do it without going through insurance as hes only just claimed, and doesnt want to have to again.

im not trying to help him out by doing it this way, but gonna charge him renault prices but get my mate to put it right, and make a bit of money.

Ill get the Renault prices, but use andy spares or someoe like that to source the parts.