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u thinkin of a new career helping a gang of international drug smugglers or gun running and want to kno the risks hehe


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Quote: Originally posted by cr172@18 on 05 February 2003

What is the penatly 4 aiding & abeting need 2 know any info gratley apprichated cheers...
The penalty is that you have to write out 100 times I MUST LEARN HOW TO SPELL!


it is 4 leting my girlfriend drive my car!!



Cant you just say you were driving and take the rap?

What the hell were you doing leting a learner drive your car alone!!!

no i was in with her ,, she never hit out ,, she only drove 5mins up the rd from her house 2 mine and the b******s followed us from hers and just pulled us right outside my door:mad:... will i get points or a big fine

dunno how many points, its all down to how the courts view the offence

towser, wouldnt make any difference inf the l plates were on anyway, they check her licence, then the passengers if none of them are over 21 with 3yrs driving experience it is basically driving w/o insurance which then means a marker will be placed on the r/o insurance policy

Say you she stole the car from you and took you as hostage. She will then take all the blame and dump her. Youre only young and there is plenty more where that came from.

No seriously, I dont think anyone on this site is a copper or solicitor, so seek some advice. Citizens Advice Bereu will be a good start. They are impartial and not connected to the police or anything so ask these first. If ever you get pulled by the police and think you may have done something wrong, Im not talking about murder or drg smiggling here, but for traffic offences etc dont tell them anything. If they say you looked like you were going to fast say you werent, and ask for evidence in the nicest possible way. I was stopped the other night for speeding. I was extremely polite to the copper, but informed him i wasnt going over 30 mph its just my exhaust is louder than normal cars and so would give the indication of speed. Now the copper was parked up and didnt have a radar or anything so he couldnt have any proof. I maintained my manner with the officer, and he finally gave in and issued a producer. I thanked him for his time and drove away scott free.

Like I say, get some legal advice before you go to court or anything.


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Normally when I get pulled and I know the cops dont have anything on me I get really cheeky to them.

I know I shouldnt, but sometimes I cant help myself and they end up looking like complete clowns infront of my mates.

I think I must try to stop it cause it will get me into trouble one day.

No Insurance - Lose Licence + 3 Points and fine

No Licence + Insurance - 6 Month Ban + 6 Points + fine

DD, No Licence + Insurance - 12 Month Ban + 6 Points + Big Fine

Last 2 have happend to a mate of mine. Hes given up on driving since! But it does depend on the circumstance! Perhaps if your girlfriend had blown the copper a kiss you may of got away with it!? Or pretend to be foreign, mates dad used to have a french plated old M3. Whenever he got pulled used to go off on one in french, so they left him alone. lol
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10 years in prison followed by 5 years community service

Nah! I wouldnt have thought that you would get anything just say you had no idea who she was but she was very pretty and you couldnt say no!

Quote: Originally posted by damianshaker on 06 February 2003

Say you she stole the car from you and took you as hostage. She will then take all the blame and dump her. Youre only young and there is plenty more where that came from.

If it ends up in court say you were well pi55ed up and thought you were being sensible letting her drive, but too drunk to realise you were breaking the law, promise to be a good boy etc, probably let you off, not sure about her though.

I agree with being polite to the filth even if theyre being w**kers, every time Ive been cheeky thay have found something to nick me for.