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Help my freaking horn!


right i changed to an aftermarket steering wheel last year on taking the original renault out i ripped out the horn box thing its like a black box with the circuit inside which allows the horn to have a complete circuit and still move the steering wheel,
i thought ahh i'll forget it for now and sort out a horn later, MOT is now due in 3 weeks so i thought right i best do it so i took off the steering wheel and boss and found the connections for the horn quickly wired them up to a switch and nothing, the positve touced barrel and sparks came off so i new it was live and i checked all the fuses, i then wired it upto the horn switch and tried but still nothing, I then thought it musnt be to do with the switch so i put the boss back on and wired it upto the steering wheel just leaving lots wire inside to make sure i cud turn the wheel,
after relpacing 2 bolts on the steering wheel smoke started fuming out of the boss! absolutely sh*tting my pants i tried to unbolt the wheel but its fiddly as is never mind in a stat of panic i managed to get the bottom plastic back off and just yanked the wires as i cud barely breathe at this point! burning my hand alot!!!!!!!!!!!1 still hurting now :(

the smoke cleared up and i removed all the sozzled wiring, thing is i know there was no bare connections i taped them all up what made them go up like that?

i wired loads of stuff up amps n subs, tv n dvd players, neons (other peoples cars) head units playstation 2 and i have never encountered this hence why i didnt take the battery connections off!

i need help i need to get a horn on my car and fast i dont care if its wired upto to a new switch near the light level i just need a horn"
and dont laugh or i will come and kill you i've already upset the gf my fingers fooking killing i've had fat burns before but not electrical its just melted my index finger woop damaged finger prints! i can break into the cake factory over the road from me now!


ClioSport Club Member
just hard wire 1 in straight off the battery easy enough but as for switch location i think there are rules